What We Do


Talking about digital media, responsive is our keyword. Because we think that only showing your logo at its best on every device your brand will really leave a mark on the web.


We believe that a winning design can't exist without a truly creative approach, able to best interpret a company's philosophy and to convey its values at first glance.


We can help in product or model shooting with know-how, passion and a photo-editing department capable of authentic visual miracles.


A good communication must be measured from the results. That's why we provide a real marketing know-how in addition to our team's huge creative skills.


Try our Motion and Video department personally to discover the infinite possibilities of moving images, and really give birth to your communication on every device.


Lytographic and digital print according to the highest quality and environmental standards, always able to develop a perfect product to fully embody the ideas of each designer.

Some Of Our Projects

2009: Creativity made in Swiss

Grafpoint born in 2009, specialising in design projects printed in-house in order to optimize the production flow.

2011: To digital and beyond

The growing demand for digital products leads to the creation of a special section inside the team, and results come quickly.

2012: Another flash forward

The team gets bigger with the construction of a photography department able to develop impressive photoshooting perfectly edited.

2014: Turn up your communication

To celebrate 5 years of activity Grafpoint renews itself with a fresher image, more consistent with the new structure of the group.